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Sometimes it’s lonely at the top. Everyone assumes that you know EVERYTHING about leading others; after all... you have the title, right? When it comes to leadership, there are so many unspoken challenges that no one talks about -- things that you just don't know until you're in the BOSS’S seat. Talk about supervising others! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏽🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

Dr. Tasia's “Things My Boss Never Told Me” is a podcast that unravels all of the nuances about supervising that our bosses kept hidden from us over the years. As a former higher education administrator with over a decade's worth of experience leading and managing teams, Dr. Tasia puts to the table all her knowledge, insights, and research to help you to become a better steward of your team, your company, and your career! Tune in today!

Here's a little sneak peek!

Episode No. 1: Who is Dr. Tasia White? 

(Available starting September 22, 2021)

PILOT: In this first episode,  Dr. Tasia puts it all on the table.  She shares a little bit about her inspiration to create this podcast, as well as some intimate experiences that have contributed to her development. Her journey into leadership has been unique, and this introspective episode is just the beginning of what Dr. Tasia has to share. The first episode wraps up with a little gratitude, and an affirmation to take away with you.  ❤

Episode No. 2: The Subtle Differences

(Available starting October 6, 2021)

The words leader, manager, supervisor are often used interchangeably, but in practice, they each have very distinct characteristics. In this episode, Dr. Tasia explores the leadership management continuum, and why understanding their differences are crucial for supervision. Dr. Tasia also shares a shocking revelation regardless how this topic helped her understand her own struggles. The episode wraps up with a little "homework" for you to share at your leisure. 😉

Episode No. 3: The Underlying Effects 

(Available starting October 20, 2021)

What motivates one to “show up” at work everyday can seem like an enigma, but it’s really quite simple. In this episode, Dr. Tasia will discuss the topic of transactional leadership versus transformational/transformative leadership, and how it directly correlates to employee engagement. Dr. Tasia also shares a little secret that completely shifted her perspective as well as her research topic. The episode concludes with advice for improving retention and work performance. 

Episode No. 4: Mindfulness Matters

(Available starting November 3, 2021)

Many people might not see the connection between mindfulness and leadership. Luckily, in the episode, Dr. Tasia breaks down the components of mindfulness leadership into three simple steps, and highlights why having a high EQ (not to be confused with IQ 😉) can help them be better leaders. Dr. Tasia also talks about her own journey into the practice of mindfulness and the transformative benefits that have followed. The episode concluded with tips on creating a cohesive work environment. 

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Episode No. 5: Let's Own It! 

(Available starting November 17, 2021)

How would you describe your leadership presence? If you’re unsure, Dr. Tasia can help! This episode focuses on three simple steps for owning one’s leadership presence. Dr. Tasia also shares her own discovery into discovering and owning her leadership presence. The episode wraps up with creating your own brand statement. 

Episode No. 7: Team Essentials Part 1

(Available starting January 19, 2022)

In this episode, Dr. Tasia shares three of the six key components that she has identified as essential for team dynamics; with the supervisor (leaders and managers) taking on the role of facilitator. In the first half of this two part conversation, Dr. Tasia discusses the importance of boundaries, expectations, and accountability, which serves as the foundation for any new or existing team. 

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Episode No. 10: Make Them Shine

(Available starting July 27, 2022)

In this episode, I talk about how to make your employees shine! I share my insight on how I incorporated the cycle of excellence from Edward Hallowell’s book “Shine: Using Brain Science to Get the Best from Your People” into her performance appraisal process. 

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